Fresh Start Up

Important note:

start up
Please see checklist before start up first before following these instructions. "FOUND HERE"

Please note:

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    Make sure the engine has been primed with the proper break-in oil. Before initial startup you need to add this oil to proper level.
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    Initial Fire Up:
    • hook up timing light and have ready “before”
    • let engine idle only for a short time to:
      • set timing and fuel
      • check for any leaks
      • after thermostat opens

        top up coolant system and install radiator cap

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    Note: The lifters might clatter for the first few minutes of running.

Then- As Soon As Possible:

Put and keep on fast idle for 30 minutes to supply full oil volume and pressure to properly "pump up" the oil system. Run between 1500 - 2500 RPM, varying up and down.

After 30 minutes, let idle, pull off the vacuum advance on distributor (if a gas engine) and set carburetor idle screw adjustment.

Why it’s wrong to idle a fresh rebuilt engine.

When any engine is running at idle it produces the lowest amount of oil pressure and volume.

Freshly rebuild engines need more pressure and volume to feed critical parts like the camshaft, lifters, rod bearings, etc. 20 minutes at fast idle produces full oil pressure and volume for proper “break in”.

Shut engine off

This is a good time to set valve clearance to manufacturer's specifications (if needed) while the engine is hot.

At this time the oil and filter must be changed (absolutely).

This step must be completed to remove any and all possible metal filings and/or debris in the crevices that the "final wash" did not remove.

do not use synthetic oil during this break in period or for the first 5000 kilometres thereafter.

Let cool down overnight and re torque head with engine cold if stipulated in shop manual.

"Things to check after starting the engine"

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