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For Best Service

call 613-275-1555 and leave a message

I will return your call A.S.A.P.. (NOT Stat)

    In Other Words:
  • I might be gone, I might be on the phone, maybe I'm halfway through a cylinder head emergency.
  • I might be creating the same meticulous articulations that I might do for you someday.
  • I will call, I promise.

What to Expect

When you and I arrange for you to drop off your cylinder head(s), bring as much info as possible!

    Year, Make, Model, Engine Size, Engine Code (if possible)
  • Look for a plate that might be on the engine. Sometimes it's on the firewall or, – look everywhere.
  • Bring me as much information as you can on the thing


I will tear it down, acid wash it, measure everything from top to bottom and compare the measurements to the specs provided by the manufacturer (I have that) then call you with the run down and quotation.

How Long Does It Take?

Usually – 3 or 4 days max

I might get back to you the same day that you drop off the cylinder head(s) if you get here early, but I will call you the next day, for sure.

Usually all machining can be done by the end of the next day. I let you know if it's any different.

it's Different for

Port and Polish

The "Check and Inspect" will take the same amount of time but the job of Porting and Polishing sometimes takes months, especially for a pare of V8 heads.